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Welcome to the Independent Makers Network, an informal association of independent makers and STEM, STEAM, Steam maker festival organizers.  Developed as a community building project of Eureka! Factory, which annually produces Gulf Coast MakerCon and partners with the Foundation for Community Driven Innovation with AMRoC Fab Lab, IMN’s goal is to provide an open, collaborative gathering and communications space for all makers.

Launched in 2015, IMN is intended to be a collaborative community that supports DIY self-reliance and self-sufficiency, empowering people to develop the knowledge and skills they want and need to make whatever it is they want to make, to be creative and successful self-starters.

Independent of brand, we can talk about all kinds of magazines and products, honestly assess things on their own merits, and freely celebrate in the truest DIY spirit of independent, self-reliant, unfettered creativity and fun!

Here you’ll find

  • A calendar to list your independently produced community maker festivals,
  • Maker’sPace, our blog where you can share your stories, or put out calls for makers and project collaborators,
  • Makers Library to find resources,
  • A Maker Festival Directory, and our
  • Social media platforms to connect and communicate

Make On!

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